2010 a new year.

Wow, did you see the date on my last post? AUGUST!!! I knew it had been a while but not that long.

A brief run down on the rest of the year then…

Let me start with Tobyn…

  • The year ended and he has now officially finished primary school and moves on to intermediate. We are all looking forward to a new start in a new school. T is a little nervous about it but excited as well. He can’t wait to try out for the dance team there.
  • He has loved dancing this year. Dean asked his boys group if they would like to enter a comp in the Oct school holidays. He LOVED it…so much so that he tried out for the comp team for 2010 and got in! It does mean a huge commitment but so good for him. We will spend 4 nights every week plus some weekends at the studio.
  • He participated in the dance production and a friend of mine relayed this comment to me. Said to her from a stranger sitting next to her…”That little boy is a great dancer” speaking of Tobyn…my friend said “Yes, and i know him” So lovely!
  • He played summer hockey…not so in love but he did it.
  • He had a great year of keyboard and ended the year with a fantastic performance at the concert. He played a set piece and then a piece he composed himself. And yet again another lovely comment made by a stranger “your young boy was the stand out performance for me” I just thought WOW, because her daughter was a stand out for me!!! His final keyboard report was glowing and Roy wants him to sit his first exam in 2010. Tobyn feels a little nervous about this though.
  • Also in the performing arts, he had a singing solo in the Church Nativity play. We think he has a lot of potential with singing, with a bit of voice training I think he could be very good. I will endeavor to upload to youtube then you can let me know what you think.
  • T has worked hard on his attitude this year. He has made some really good friends in a year where some other friends were not so nice to him. In 2008 he was often sullen looking and hard to get a smile out of. In 2009 he has worked hard on being more pleasant and I can say it works!!!

My mini Zach Effron

  • All in all T is a beautiful soul, he looks out for his family and friends and has a huge heart. He is definately gifted in the arts and has finally realised this for himself. He is a very bright young man with his academic levels in the top 80% of New Zealand in every area. Particularly excelling in literacy. I wish the very best for him in 2010 and hope he continues to see his skills and put the most in to them.


  • I turned 4 in Oct with a Thomas the Tank Engine party. We were not going to have a party because Steve was over seas. But with the help of my teen girls at Church we put on a great party!

complete with “Fat Controller Larissa”


  • I has thrived at Kindy in the 2nd half of the year. After a difficult start he has settled in and lvoes it. the teachers say he is a lovely boy who is friends with everyone, particularly the boys. I have to read a book before I leave and then he usually goes on to the cars or trains. We have a few precious paintings because he doesn’t do very many of them!
  • I loves to go to Doodlebugs and Little Groovers…but ONLY if Ivy will be there! Yes Isaac has his 1st love…the 2 I’s are inseparable and it is adorable. I would put a photo but I’s Mum doesn’t want her photo on line, but imagine two wee 4 year olds with chubby faces gazing in to each other eyes with HUGE love. It is amazing for me to watch, I love it.
  • I wants to do everything his big brother does! Tonight he went on his 1st official run around the block with Daddy and Tobyn and ran most of the way. At the end he said “I am filthy” I think he meant I am exhausted, LOL. He says he will do the mini tris in Feb…we’ll see, I am not sure he will, but we will try.
  • He comes out with very cute things e.g “Why do the educators rub their legs together? They sit on the edge, fly around and make lots of noise.” Talking about cicadas.
  • He participated in the Church nativity play as a mouse. But he refused to put on any face paint and not long after scuttling and squeeking up to the front of the church he took off the costume and played!

I am sure there is more to say but it is hard to remember after so long!


  • Business trips away
  • Many nights and weekends of hockey, both school and rep teams.
  • Dressing up as Ozzie Osbourne, Dolly Parton and Superman for work functions.
  • A few days away with his boys in Taupo.
  • Many goes at securing the lamb in the paddock, including weight training lifting Sherlock back over the fence when he had escaped.


  • Not much scrapbooking!
  • Stampin up monthly clubs going well… a nice bit of pocket money earnt.
  • Training as a Zumba instructor. My friend Rowena and I trained and are now official instructors in this fantastic form of exercise. A latin music inspired fitness class…a party at every class!!!
  • And generally caring for the family.

As for all of us there is way more than that short thing. Now that I plan to blog better I won’t get so far behind again. Lastly a few photos to keep you up to date.

T’s vege creation for pet and craft day. It is meant to be the London Eye. Unfortunately the wheel part fell of before it was judged and so he came 2nd.

I love this photo and might see about getting it on a canvas.

My gorgeous boys.

Crazy Man?

Wot's that?

Keeping Track.

Do you like what I got you Tobyn?

I loved Aunty Clares chocolate mousse!

A boy with a beautiful soul, loves his cousins so much!!!

The crazy people ready to go for a swim in the lake, brr!

Thats all for now folks, I really want to get the family stories down better in 2010.


Check this out

Check this out there is a sneak peak of the kits Tanya is doing.

Now I know how much everyone likes to be in with a chance to win something!!! Go here and see about some exciting news. All you have to do is link to that post and you could win something…go on I know you want to!

Times are a changing.

Well kind of, I just liked the title’, thought it sounded catchy. Nothing much is really changing for me but I do have a few desires of changes…I wish my weight would change, but that would take me being commited to it…I would like the weather to change, our wood store is getting low, but I guess we have a few more weeks, months of cold weather yet. I would like Tobyns attitude to change, for the better…he was doing SO well but now he is a little big headed and mouthy…I am sure it is age stuff, but ARGH, I don’t like it! We have instigated a button jar, one jar has 250 buttons in it. He loses buttons for poor attitude, poor school work, answering back and general poor attitude. He can however gain buttons for postive attitude, good school work, remembering capitals and punctuation etc. If he loses all 250 buttons before the end of the year he will lose a months pocket money, however, if he doubles the buttons he will get an  extra months pocket money. So far it is not working! But it has only been going on for a few days, so I guess I should be patient.

It has been almost a month since my last post so I guess there has been a bit going on in there somewhere? We had a lovely week in Auckland. We stayed with wonderful people, we visited cuddly babies and a museum, we talked A LOT and we visited a couple of cool shops…1 American shop and 1 scrapbook shop! Only spent a small amount, but it was nice to see stuff we  don’t ‘see’ here is dull Palmy.

A couple of photos for your enjoyment, I think.


Isaac and the girls, 2 of his girl cousins.


Well I couldn’t find any more that were edited so here is one of my older brother and I!

I have a couple of layouts that I submited to mags…one I have not heard anything about and the deadline has passed, do you think I could assume that it hasn’t been accepted and put it on here. The other was on a short list, but again it has been a couple of weeks and no news. I would love to show you all, I LOVE both if them!!!

Onto some real news of change though…

TANYA OF STAMPIN SCRAP PAPERIE has some very exciting changes happening!!! She is adding a new venture to her store. It will release in September, I hope to have some sneak peaks to share in a couple of weeks. But keep an eye on the store and the blog to see what she has been up to!

That will do for now. I do also wish I was more motivated on here because I have so many stories I would like to share and remember, but alas I don’t do it…sigh…

Here is one though…

Isaac: “What are we doing today Mummy?”

ME: “I have a workshop this afternoon. And you will do something with Daddy.”

Isaac: “Why do you have workshops?”

ME: “To earn a bit of extra money.”

Isaac: “Yes, because you always run out of money!”


Look what arrived in our backyard last week…


I love this photo of my darling with the lamb. He is so gentle and quiet and the lamb just came up to see him.


And how’s that for a Mamma image. There were 2 little lambs in the paddock, one black and one marbled, just gorgeous. The mamma was very protective of her offspring, understandable. The boys were very interested and really wanted to get close but they were just a bit boisterous. We noticed while down there that the other pregnant sheep looked like she was about to give birth and the next morning there was another little lamb.

These lambs are not ours. One of our neighbours grazes his sheep in our small paddock, but after seeing how the boys were with the lambs we think this is the year to have a lamb of our own. It is T’s last year at the country school so we think a fitting time to to the lamb thing. We don’t have any other pets at the moment and T would like to have something for pet and craft day this year. SO we have been asking around and letting people know that if they have orphan lambs we would be interested, so watch this space for updates on the lambs.

The holidays have been full so far. It is great I do love having the boys here and taking it easy and doing the things we want, BUT, I find the untidiness unbearable. The holidays do see the house get untidy and it really gets too me ARGH. We have had a big tidy tonight as we are heading North for a week and I HATE to come home to a messy house. We are really looking forward to seeing and holding new babies over the next week, staying with dear friends and relaxing.

BIG news for T, he is going to be published!!! He did a layout for the kids gallery in up2scrap and it has been accepted, along with my 13 year old friend Sophie. WOOHOO, so exciting. It was funny really because I sent their layouts plus one I did via e-mail last night. Within a couple of hours Steve came out with a cheeky grin on his face and said ” so how does it feel to have your son published over you?”  Well of course I was very excited for T and half expected a decline for this particular layout, but wait there’s more, it wasn’t a decline it was a ‘shortlist’ so I wait and see. I still don’t expect it to be accepted, it is a little different from my usual and a little different from what Steph usually publishes so we will see.

But on the publishing, have you seen the latest up2scrap? I have layout in there, “Peter Pan”, a layout of Tobyn when he was 3! And in the June issue of innovations on the back page there is a sneak of my layout that will be in issue 3, woohoo, so excited!

Right I have to go and finish washing and folding and packing. Back later, after our week or more…TTFN

I will leave you with this cute image of Isaac, just because i can and he is so adorable…he has been saying “why does my hair keep growing?” It was getting really bad and getting in his eyes…he has since had a haircut and now you really can see his beautiful big eyes!


And lastly something I has been enjoying doing recently… Darth Tator


Oh and lastly, for my records, T and I went for our yearly check up to day and we both have a clean bill of health. Me, well I have been on BP meds since being pg with Isaac and I am always worried about it, but it was perfect today, WHEW. So those headaches I have been getting must be tired headaches, thanks to Isaacs’s broken nights! And T’s chest sounded really good. The Dr did suggest flu jabs particularly because T is asthmatic, but he is contraindicated because of the ? over allergy to neomycin and guess what one of the bases is of the flu jab…yep neomycin. T was pretty happy he did NOT want that jab!!! Right I really am off now…





T’s keyboard concert

I have been trying to get videos on here for a while. Well I have managed to figure out how, now I need to figure out how to edit before puting in you tube.

So anyway this is one of the songs T played for his keyboard concert just before the end of the term.


Tobyn is the one with the yellow stick.

A few weeks back I said Tobyn was going for the local under 11’s boys hockey team. Well I am proud of him because he gave it a go. He didn’t make it to the sqaud but he made it through the 1st cut. The comments are that he is small, and not particularly fast. He has good ball/stick skills and will make a great player with a bit of time. This year he has shown a lot more drive than ever and if he could try out again next year I think he would have made it. BUT, he can’t go for u11’s again. He wants to do well and he has told us that he will work really hard to achieve his goals.

In other proud Mummy comments…he came 3rd in the speech competition. Now there is a story to this…he wasn’t originally in the top 4 and he was really dissapointed!!! His teacher announced the top 4 and apparently said there maybe some changes, but he didn’t hear any of that. He was however teased in the playground by one of the 4 that were in and I picked him up in tears. So I went back to the school after dropping him at keyboard to find out what was going on. I was told that he doesn’t listen and misses a lot and it is a problem…I wasn’t going in to get that feedback, grrr…anyway I was told he would be recognised in the assembly the next day. So I sit in the assembly, they give out awards and he doesn’t get one…can you imagine how I was feeling then? NOT HAPPY! So I had to go to the office anyway and mentioned to the particular person and said “Oh you need to talk to his teacher” to which I am thinking “Oh heck, have I caused a problem going and talking to them yesterday” the teacher saw my face and said “For the better!” WHEW. Tobyn ran up to me in the playground and said “This is the best day of my life, I have got into the finals!” And he proved he deserved to be there. They had 1 external/impartial judge and 1 teacher from the junior school. He was pleased with 3rd, but really wanted to be in the top 2 to get to the clusters. I am thrilled for him with what he did achieve!

Last week he turned 11, ARGH where does every year go? We had a small celebration by taking him and 1 friend to the All Blacks vs France game in Wellington. It was so much fun. We parked in P’ram and got the train right to the stadium. We were not covered but the wind was blowing in the right direction so we didn’t get wet. The kids loved it, we painted their faces, got greasies for dinner, and the 2 older boys got little French rugby balls thrown at them. They thought that was really funny, the balls had Oui, Oui, Oui on, a great souvenier and didn’t cost us anything, LOL.

OK dinner is ready and I best go be back later with more…maybe LOL