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Remember me???

Hey all, remember me? Here’s a reminder…these are my boys…LOL



Well where have I been? I have spent 5 weeks in Christchurch ‘nursing’ my Mum after her total hip replacement. Isaac and I went for 3 weeks and then Tobyn flew down by himself for the school holidays.

Mum did really well and by the 2nd week we were able to get out and about, with the aid of a wheelchair a couple of times. We were able to attend a couple of crops which was fantastic. I got to meet Tanya, Vicki, Heidi, Belinda and a few others from the Stampin’scrap Paperie forum. It was fun AND I got 2 layouts done…yes that is good for me! Then we went to an all day crop at scrapbook art which was also fun. Now I have to say at both these days Isaac was FANTASTIC!!! At Tanya’s he got on so well with Noah, Tanya’s 3 year old. It was like they had been best buddies forever.  We hardly saw them at all, they were both so good.


How cute are they? We really couldn’t get a nice one of them, they were just being so silly.

At Scrapbook Art Isaac was the only child. I felt a bit awful because we usually go to a crop to get away from our kids, right? But he was SO good, I was so proud of him! Allana had a room set up with toys and a DVD player. I had made him a lunch box and he had some of his own books and toys as well. He was so happy to just watch a DVD and help himself to his lunchbox. I think the novelty of helping himself was the highlight. Every now and then he would come out to ‘ help’  me with my layout. I took him out for a walk around the block and to get some fresh air and then he lasted another couple of hours. The woman there were all so complimentary of him. BUT I won’t be hurrying to do that again, I didn’t really relax and scrap to my hearts content knowing I needed to watch him and entertain him from time to time. I did however get 3 layouts done and I love 2 of them. I am not going to show any here at the moment because I may well submit some.

On the submitting news, I have had a layout accepted for the 3rd issue of FABULOUS new magazine Innovation scrapbook trends and techniques. this new New Zealand magazine is gorgeous!!! Great size, great layout, great layouts, good articles and a good balance of instructions, information and inspiration. Well done to the editors and publishors.

While in Christchurch I got to catch up with my gorgeous friend Pip and Tobyn got to spend time with his friend Meg, while Isaac and Sam had fun together. I so wish I could be closer to these guys, they make my soul feel good. Thankyou special people. I know Tobyn loves spending time with them too because he kept asking before he arrived “have you seen Sam and Meg yet? Will I see them? More than once?” Well he did…3 times and stayed the night.

I will leave you with a couple of cute things Isaac said tonight…

Tobyn was reading him a story and there was a picture of a dark tree without any leaves. Tobyn asked Isaac what it was. We were all waiting for him to say “A Tree”
Isaac spent a bit of time thinking and then he said…”It is a DECIDUOUS tree”

We have been talking to Isaac about Autumn and what happens to the leaves. It has really appealed to him and there are many conversations at the moment about ever greens, diciduous, autumn, spring etc. So very clever he is.

Then I asked Steve if he was taking Tobyn for a run and he said no I thought we would go for a long run tomorrow night. To which I replied “I was going out tomorrow night to a crop” Isaac burst into tears, sobbing, heartbreaking sobbing “I don’t want you to go out Mummy” Isaac is a mummys boy so we thought it was just that he doesn’t like me going out but we couldn’t console him. Then it came to me…”Did you think we were all going to be out and leave you on your own” his little head nodded and the sobbing continued. With a little giggle I said “No darling, we would not leave you all alone” Eventually the sobbing abated and we had cuddles before he headed off to bed.  

Until next time 🙂


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