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So finally I have done a little scrapbooking since Mum left. I asked Tobyn to pick me out some photos to scrap and he pulled out these photos of him and his God family. He is feeling particularly close to them since he had a slep over at their place earlier in the year. He keeps asking when he can go and stay again.

Anyway this layout is using some of the product from the April monthly kit from The Scrapbook Outlet. The May kit is shipping over the next couple of days so I figured I had better get going with using some of Aprils kit. I also used my new sewing machine that I got for my birthday. Hope you enjoy looking.



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He WON!!!

A very proud Mummy moment today! Tobyn came 1st in his year for the speech competition. He was so nervous on Sunday night and we had a big talk with him about how we understood and I think it helped because last night he was OK about practising. He as still a little nervous this morning but he harnessed those butterflies and nailed it. I was so proud and almost bawled my eyes out, I did have tears but not that he knew. Everyone including his teachers are so proud of him!!! Thats all for now, I will come back later with some photos from the weekend. Just had to skite I can hardly keep it in……

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Tobyn has got into the final for the speech competition at school! Finally he is shining and loving it. He came home last week with the instructions and the work was to be done at home. The prompt was ‘The time is now’ and he did The time is now to save the Kiwi. This was such an appropriate topic for him being such an animal lover. I got him to do a plan and then he did a little research online with Steve. Then on the weekend we went to the library and he got out some books. He spent most of Sunday working on the speech. On Monday he read it to the class and his teacher gave him some great feedback and critiquing. He needed to make it a bit longer and improve the beginning and end, which ironically is what we told him but of course it is better coming from the teacher. On Wednesday he came home with a critique sheet after presenting it again. So Wednesday evening he practised and practised and we gave him pointers and feedback and told him we thought he could win it. Thursday morning was the actual judging and he was quite excited about doing it. At the end of the day he proudly tells us he is in the top 3 and competes with 10 year 5’s and 6’s next Tuesday morning, we couldn’t be prouder of him he has done so well. The year 5 and 6’s compete to represent the school at a cluster schools competition whcih Tobyn and the other 2 year 4’s are not eligible for but next year…….?

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Shandy wanted to hear our first date stories with our DH.

Unfortunately our story is not all that romantic, it is interesting though. So here goes.

Setting the scene: Late 80’s, era of teen boys with long hair, girls with spiral perms and heavily teased and sprayed bangs, Madonna, Aerobics, fluoro clothing, got the picture yet?

Steve was at University doing a 4 year Technology degree, and out flatting (not sure what you Americans would call it, living in a house with other singles, usually students) I was training to be a nurse and still living at home. I had been attending St Davids Young Adults Group for a couple of years. We had many students join our group and we all became firm friends. I remember very distinctly the first time I noticed Steve, it was at a family night and we had been split off into groups and given a challenge to act out. I remember seeing him acting like a complete fool and thinking who is that weirdo, oops! At the end of that year I had got to know him a little better and he went over to England for the summer. While he was away I do remember looking forward to him returning home, not because I liked him romantically but because I thought he was becoming a close friend. After his return from his trip I got to know him even better and the romantic feelings started to come, BUT…..I was very shy and didn’t want to make a move because, what if he didn’t like me like that? My best friend told him I liked him which I think was the first he knew. It took a few months of heartache before he actually invited me out to his final year Uni ball. So that was our first date. I wore a satin teal green frilly dress, remember it was the 80’s! I was picked up in a taxi along with him his best friend and BF’s girlfriend. It was a tough night, it was my first really big event like that, I was extremely shy and naive and felt out of my depth with all the academics. Needless to say a few weeks later he turned up at my house to give me the, I just want to be friends speech! I was devastated! Over the next couple of years I ‘dated’ a couple of other guys, nothing serious at all, and I thought I was ‘over’ Steve. Fast forward to 1991. Steve had been working for a couple of years and was ready to buy a house. I was more than ready to move out and go flatting so he said would I like to be a flatmate if he bought a house. I jumped at the chance. At the time I was interested in another guy. I was dancing practically every day and wasn’t home all that often. So we moved into the house. Shortly after we moved in the guy I was interested in told me he didn’t want it to go any further, alas broken heart again, SIGH. But Steve was there for me, he was so sweet and I really appreciated him playing soppy songs for me. A few weeks later he started showing more than flattie interest in me, I FREAKED!!! I went to aerobics and said to my friends, “OMG I think Steve wants more than just friends, he touched my leg and I DON’T want to go any further, I know him too well.” Well now to cut a long story short, as it is pretty long already, that was Summer 1991 we were engaged winter 1992, and married January 1993, thats makes it 14 years and 2 kids later. And I couldn’t be happier with him he is my best friend and my rock and I love him immensely.

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Lisa’s challenge at today. We all know how movies can really shape our lives, especially for me at a very tender age and today we’re going to talk about a specific movie experience

I want you all to talk about a movie that scared the BEJEEZIZ out of you when you were little. What was it that freaked you out. Can you watch it as an adult today? Is it still a “banned” movie in your home.

THE OMEN!!! I guess I wasn’t all that young but I don’t remember anyhing really scary from when I was all that young. But to this day I can’t stand the names Damion, Damon or anything like that! And yes it is ‘banned’ in this house. Wasn’t there a re make recently? Nope won’t be seeing that either!!!

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running in many ways

Its been a week of achievements in our little family this week. Tobyn ran his cross country on Friday. He had a goal to not be last this year and HE DID IT!!! He bet 2 other boys and lapped one of the girls. He was so proud of himself and now has a goal to beat another 2 boys next year. Maybe by his final year at primary school he will get in the top 4?

Steve is training to run a marathon this year. He would like to run a marathon before he turns 40, so he only has a few months to go. His training has been going really well and for the last 4 weeks and has done a 20km+ run. But on Sunday he did his 1st official ‘organised’ half marathon. He felt a little nervous before doing it but was thrilled when he bet his 2hour goal, he ran it in 1hr56.

Last week I did an online photography class. There was alot of info and I have learnt so much. I have had a huge desire to learn more and I have been tossing around the idea if doing something more advanced when Isaac is a little older. I don’t have alot of faith in my ability most of the time, but every now and then I take a photo that I think is pretty awesome. The following photos are all taken after the tutoring last Wednesday. I still have a few tweaks I need to get right but I feel I am on the right track, and don’t they say yoou get worse before you get better when you are trying to improve a skill?

I have spent the last 2 weeks helping Mum scrap so I don’t have ANY layouts to show you all 😦 But in a couple of days I should have completed my layout for the May challenge at SBO. It is in the final stages, I have just got a little stuck for inpiration. Maybe I will get to it tomorrow when Isaac is sleeping?

APOLLO CAME HOME!!! After 2 and a half days away he is now safe and sound, whew!


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Even though it is now Tuesday night here, LOL.

Lisa has asked us to blog about our favourite or most memorable home movie. Well mine has to be the 2 movies of Steve dressed up as a GIRL. Yes you read that right. A few years ago, in fact before we were an item, our Church had annual talent nights. The first time Steve, our minister and 4 other male friends dressed up as ballerinas and danced the sugar plum fairy….hilarious! Picture this, 6 men in tutu’s, singlets and sneakers and long socks. White bodies and knobbly knees, prancing around the stage with a huge lack of grace! In the end there is a pile of bodies with men rising from the rubble with pain in there faces. Another year Steve and myself plus some other good friends did a dance thing to Grease, the catch was that the girls were the boys and the boys were the girls. So Steve got to be Sandy and another tall friend was Danny. Steve even wore a bra with socks stuffed in it. There is Steve in a pretty apricot skirt, white tee, and a pretty ribbon in his shoulder length locks, yes it was the era of boys with long hair back then, it was the 80’s!!! Tim with a tight skirt and aloof attitude and Norm as sweet as ever in his floofy skirt. The girls got the easy end of the stick, jeans, tees and baseball caps and leather jackets. It was sooooo much fun and I always have a good laugh when we watch it….which reminds me we haven’t watched it for a while!…….off to find the video……

P.S new friends always have to be shown these, even if Steve doesn’t want them to!

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