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The observer

Well here I am looking out my window and wondering what title to give this post. I thought of a few e.g. Today; Update; Fitness; Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. But none if them were quite right and then as I was looking and enjoying my view I came up my title ‘The Observer’, I am an observer, I always like to have a seat that allows me to see what is going on! At the table I can’t have my back to the main part of the room, in a waiting room I need to be at the far end so I can see the comings and goings of people…would you call that nosey? I say I am observant, i love to people watch, I think it is fascinating, I like to wonder about who they are, where they are from, what they might be thinking, how did we actually come to be in the same place at the same time? Anyway the reason for this title for today stems from the fact that I have moved my craft room around. We have had a couple of people stay recently and the way the room was meant always moving the sofa bed so it could be opened out. Now I have the room so we don’t need to do that. But even better I now have a view out the window. I have a lovely garden directly out the window and the road so I can see how many cars go up and down and road, or how many times the kids down the road zoom past on their bikes and scooters. Seriously I don’t have time for that, but I am pleased to have the ‘view’!

There has been a lot of activity in our house the past few weeks! Steve, Tobyn and Isaac have all be running. Steve for general fitness and to lose the love handles, Tobyn for fitness but also training for mini tris and weetbix tris, and Isaac because he has to keep up with his big brother! Tobyn has been doing really well and every time he goes out he manages to knock a few seconds off the previous time. Once a week he does an organised 7km run. Last year he wouldn’t run the whole way, this year he is doing really well. He could still do with pushing himself more but he is doing really well.

I have started practicing my Zumba routines and it is fantastic. It is hard to remember everything but every time I practice I feel better about it. Our classes start in the 2nd week of Feb, I can’t wait to see how well it goes here in little ole palmy, I have a good feeling about it!

The boys had swimming lessons last week. Isaac did well, he is so good at listening and doing what the teacher tells him to. He is however a typical boy and although he tries hard he hasn’t got the rhythm right yet. Tobyn’s teacher was pretty hopeless and after a week he really had not improved at all. I’s teacher is going to do an assessment on T this week to see where he is having problems and see if we can help rectify them. He is fantastic at breatstroke and backstroke and his butterfly was better than I expected, but his freestyle…ARGH, makes me want to tear my hair out! I won’t be putting him into term lessons this year, he has enough on his plate with 4 nights of dance, but I might still get him to do holiday classes. He is enjoying do triathlons and he needs to be a strong swimmer and breaststroke is not going to keep him up with the free stylers!

Steve and I celebrated 17 years of marriage on Sat…man where has that time gone? Steve took me to the local Japanese ‘pub’ something or rather ‘Yatai’ It was very nice…apart from the barely cooked beef, I am not a big fan of almost raw food!  But the sushi and the shitake ake mushrooms, mmm!!!

On Sunday we had a lovely trip to Splash Planet with my bro and sister and family. We escaped the rain in Palmy and found the sun in Hastings. I was a bit hormanal so not in the best mood, but it was a great day. Next year I look forward to returning wearing my bikini with my new Zumba body…LOL!!! Here is a photo borrowed from my sister…

Splash Planet

So that is us in the past couple of weeks, til next time…


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Tobyn singing The Lords Prayer

Here is Tobyn’s 1st time singing a solo in Church. it was for the childrens Christmas service which Steve directed and planned. We think Tobyn could sing very well with a bit of training. The 1st few lines are a bit off key but he picks it up and then when the other children join in he does beautifully.

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2010 a new year.

Wow, did you see the date on my last post? AUGUST!!! I knew it had been a while but not that long.

A brief run down on the rest of the year then…

Let me start with Tobyn…

  • The year ended and he has now officially finished primary school and moves on to intermediate. We are all looking forward to a new start in a new school. T is a little nervous about it but excited as well. He can’t wait to try out for the dance team there.
  • He has loved dancing this year. Dean asked his boys group if they would like to enter a comp in the Oct school holidays. He LOVED it…so much so that he tried out for the comp team for 2010 and got in! It does mean a huge commitment but so good for him. We will spend 4 nights every week plus some weekends at the studio.
  • He participated in the dance production and a friend of mine relayed this comment to me. Said to her from a stranger sitting next to her…”That little boy is a great dancer” speaking of Tobyn…my friend said “Yes, and i know him” So lovely!
  • He played summer hockey…not so in love but he did it.
  • He had a great year of keyboard and ended the year with a fantastic performance at the concert. He played a set piece and then a piece he composed himself. And yet again another lovely comment made by a stranger “your young boy was the stand out performance for me” I just thought WOW, because her daughter was a stand out for me!!! His final keyboard report was glowing and Roy wants him to sit his first exam in 2010. Tobyn feels a little nervous about this though.
  • Also in the performing arts, he had a singing solo in the Church Nativity play. We think he has a lot of potential with singing, with a bit of voice training I think he could be very good. I will endeavor to upload to youtube then you can let me know what you think.
  • T has worked hard on his attitude this year. He has made some really good friends in a year where some other friends were not so nice to him. In 2008 he was often sullen looking and hard to get a smile out of. In 2009 he has worked hard on being more pleasant and I can say it works!!!

My mini Zach Effron

  • All in all T is a beautiful soul, he looks out for his family and friends and has a huge heart. He is definately gifted in the arts and has finally realised this for himself. He is a very bright young man with his academic levels in the top 80% of New Zealand in every area. Particularly excelling in literacy. I wish the very best for him in 2010 and hope he continues to see his skills and put the most in to them.


  • I turned 4 in Oct with a Thomas the Tank Engine party. We were not going to have a party because Steve was over seas. But with the help of my teen girls at Church we put on a great party!

complete with “Fat Controller Larissa”


  • I has thrived at Kindy in the 2nd half of the year. After a difficult start he has settled in and lvoes it. the teachers say he is a lovely boy who is friends with everyone, particularly the boys. I have to read a book before I leave and then he usually goes on to the cars or trains. We have a few precious paintings because he doesn’t do very many of them!
  • I loves to go to Doodlebugs and Little Groovers…but ONLY if Ivy will be there! Yes Isaac has his 1st love…the 2 I’s are inseparable and it is adorable. I would put a photo but I’s Mum doesn’t want her photo on line, but imagine two wee 4 year olds with chubby faces gazing in to each other eyes with HUGE love. It is amazing for me to watch, I love it.
  • I wants to do everything his big brother does! Tonight he went on his 1st official run around the block with Daddy and Tobyn and ran most of the way. At the end he said “I am filthy” I think he meant I am exhausted, LOL. He says he will do the mini tris in Feb…we’ll see, I am not sure he will, but we will try.
  • He comes out with very cute things e.g “Why do the educators rub their legs together? They sit on the edge, fly around and make lots of noise.” Talking about cicadas.
  • He participated in the Church nativity play as a mouse. But he refused to put on any face paint and not long after scuttling and squeeking up to the front of the church he took off the costume and played!

I am sure there is more to say but it is hard to remember after so long!


  • Business trips away
  • Many nights and weekends of hockey, both school and rep teams.
  • Dressing up as Ozzie Osbourne, Dolly Parton and Superman for work functions.
  • A few days away with his boys in Taupo.
  • Many goes at securing the lamb in the paddock, including weight training lifting Sherlock back over the fence when he had escaped.


  • Not much scrapbooking!
  • Stampin up monthly clubs going well… a nice bit of pocket money earnt.
  • Training as a Zumba instructor. My friend Rowena and I trained and are now official instructors in this fantastic form of exercise. A latin music inspired fitness class…a party at every class!!!
  • And generally caring for the family.

As for all of us there is way more than that short thing. Now that I plan to blog better I won’t get so far behind again. Lastly a few photos to keep you up to date.

T’s vege creation for pet and craft day. It is meant to be the London Eye. Unfortunately the wheel part fell of before it was judged and so he came 2nd.

I love this photo and might see about getting it on a canvas.

My gorgeous boys.

Crazy Man?

Wot's that?

Keeping Track.

Do you like what I got you Tobyn?

I loved Aunty Clares chocolate mousse!

A boy with a beautiful soul, loves his cousins so much!!!

The crazy people ready to go for a swim in the lake, brr!

Thats all for now folks, I really want to get the family stories down better in 2010.

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