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Check this out

Check this out there is a sneak peak of the kits Tanya is doing.


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Now I know how much everyone likes to be in with a chance to win something!!! Go here and see about some exciting news. All you have to do is link to that post and you could win something…go on I know you want to!

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Times are a changing.

Well kind of, I just liked the title’, thought it sounded catchy. Nothing much is really changing for me but I do have a few desires of changes…I wish my weight would change, but that would take me being commited to it…I would like the weather to change, our wood store is getting low, but I guess we have a few more weeks, months of cold weather yet. I would like Tobyns attitude to change, for the better…he was doing SO well but now he is a little big headed and mouthy…I am sure it is age stuff, but ARGH, I don’t like it! We have instigated a button jar, one jar has 250 buttons in it. He loses buttons for poor attitude, poor school work, answering back and general poor attitude. He can however gain buttons for postive attitude, good school work, remembering capitals and punctuation etc. If he loses all 250 buttons before the end of the year he will lose a months pocket money, however, if he doubles the buttons he will get an  extra months pocket money. So far it is not working! But it has only been going on for a few days, so I guess I should be patient.

It has been almost a month since my last post so I guess there has been a bit going on in there somewhere? We had a lovely week in Auckland. We stayed with wonderful people, we visited cuddly babies and a museum, we talked A LOT and we visited a couple of cool shops…1 American shop and 1 scrapbook shop! Only spent a small amount, but it was nice to see stuff we  don’t ‘see’ here is dull Palmy.

A couple of photos for your enjoyment, I think.


Isaac and the girls, 2 of his girl cousins.


Well I couldn’t find any more that were edited so here is one of my older brother and I!

I have a couple of layouts that I submited to mags…one I have not heard anything about and the deadline has passed, do you think I could assume that it hasn’t been accepted and put it on here. The other was on a short list, but again it has been a couple of weeks and no news. I would love to show you all, I LOVE both if them!!!

Onto some real news of change though…

TANYA OF STAMPIN SCRAP PAPERIE has some very exciting changes happening!!! She is adding a new venture to her store. It will release in September, I hope to have some sneak peaks to share in a couple of weeks. But keep an eye on the store and the blog to see what she has been up to!

That will do for now. I do also wish I was more motivated on here because I have so many stories I would like to share and remember, but alas I don’t do it…sigh…

Here is one though…

Isaac: “What are we doing today Mummy?”

ME: “I have a workshop this afternoon. And you will do something with Daddy.”

Isaac: “Why do you have workshops?”

ME: “To earn a bit of extra money.”

Isaac: “Yes, because you always run out of money!”


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