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Control Freak

Hi I am Yvette and I am a control freak. Well at least my husband told me that this morning. A couple of clues to this…

We have roller blinds AND drapes in our bedrooms. DH often pulls the drapes and leaves the roller blinds closed until after his shower. I think it is weird and I would rather he didn’t pull anything. So I asked him this morning why he did it…

DH “because half the job is already done.”

Me “I don’t like it”

DH “That is because you are a control freak””


Then he reminded me of the dishwasher…yes I RESTACK the dishwasher after him.

Don’t you think I would realise that I should be grateful when he stacks the dishwasher and just accept he does it differently? Not me…I am a CF.

Can I overcome this…I hope so, I must work on this in 2009.

Add to the CF I am very competitive. DH and I spend many evenings on singstar, at the moment it is ABBA, and I don’t like seeing his name as number 1. At the moment I think he has 3 n0.1’s  and the rest are mine. Shouldn’t I be happy that I have the majority and be happy for him? No I want it all! LOL.

Now this kind of leads to my next thing…I didn’t make the DT at scrappin’patch. I am absolutely THRILLED for those that did, their work is amazing and I am not surprised at the names.Chin up and carry on, give it another go another time. And when I see who did make it, I can see why I didn’t make it.

But part of me wonders am I not good enough? Is my work just not quite up to the standard of these amazingly talented people? Others tell me I am but are they just being nice. Others that have been in this postion say just keep trying don’t give up, so that is what I will do, and I will have more dissapointments, but maybe, just maybe I will have some success one day.

Steve gave me this quote tonight…”Never give up, never give up, never, never, never.” Winston Churchill.

So anyway I will leave you with my layouts. I think I can share them now. I LOVE what I did, I am really proud of my work. I love my OTP considering i don’t do OTP’s. The clipboard is for Tobyn and we are writing him notes every now and then to help boost his confidence and self esteem (wonder where he gets that from?) He LOVES the clipboard and the colours work really well in his room. It was really hard to get good photos of it!


The colours in this photo are pretty realistic.



Layout 1: I love the sponged blue ink, I think it looks like clouds. And I love the photo of Tobyn!


Layout 2:



Layout 3: I had alot of fun playing with this layout!


OK now that is off my chest I can move on and continue enjoying this wonderful HOBBY. And the main reason I do it? Because I love it and I love getting my stories down with my favourite photos!


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I am so very excited! My young friend Sophie has had a layout accepted for the kids gallery in up2scrap! She came over on Saturday and did a fantastic page. I sent it to Steph on Sunday and by Monday night Steph had replied and said she would love one of the layouts I sent in.

She made me this lovely container as a thank you. So, THANK YOU Sophie!


 I am going to enjoy the chocolate bar tonight.

And I also sent this layout as well, but Steph just wanted the one. But as you can see this girl is talented in more ways than one! Sophie is my young friend in this post too.


 And I have been doing a little creating but most of it is for my stampinúp projects, here is a little taste. I am not so good at cards, but I am learning as I go.





and this one I think is really cute. I made the little envelope thanks to a tuturial on the web somewhere, can’t remember where. But the card design was my idea and I love them! I am going to demonstrate them at a workshop on Thursday.


Ok this was going to be short, but now it is image heavy. Have a great evening everyone, ttfn.

Oh and one more thing before I go a little something isaac said tonight…

“Mummy you smell nice, you could be a flower in our garden””

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When I arrived home from my trip to Auckland…almost a whole term ago now!!! There was a wee envelope for me and it had a couple of lovely packets of flowers for my scrapbooking. And it made my day!!! Now I have been very remiss and not thanked this most wonderful, thoughtful woman. I am usually pretty good at thanking people, but this time I am so embarressed to say I did not say thanks. Mrs Frizz, I am so sorry! I had meant to put it on one of my posts and because I have been so slack at posting they get very long and I forget half of what I was going to say. Now this is by no means an excuse because I could have either sent an e-mail, card or commented on her blog. I recently saw someone else thank her and I thought, hmm did I actually say thanks and I had to look back in my blog to see if I had. So Mrs Frizz this is a very belated thank you!

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Kaila asked me to take a photo of there family which I was more than happy to do though not sure how it would turn out. She also offered to take one of us…not good, Tobyn would NOT smile, but she did get a lovely one of Tobyn and I where he has a hint of a smile!



Please forgive the size of the photos, I can’t get wordpress to work properly tonight.

The next photos are of the gingerbread house I got for the kids to make. It was a traditon both years we were in America for Tobyn to make a gingerbread house. the first year he made one at school. The second year I bought a premade one that you just had to put together and ice. Well blow me down I found the EXACT same kit in Countdown, so I HAD to get it! The kids absolutely loved it. But there was one problem, it was too warm for the icing and the roof keep sliding down, LOL.  But they really enjoyed eating it!



Enough photos yet? LOL.

I have been meaning to do the proud Mummy moment for a week. In the newsletter last week they had some wonderful work from Rm 2 and one of them was my boy with a piece of poetry…


My unbelievably cute brother,

Sitting by the warm blazing fire,

Thrilling, fast roller coasters,

Warm, delicious, hot chocolate,

Arty, creative scrapbooking

I don’t like…

Disgusting chewy peanuts,

The black, scary dark,

Steamy disgusting cars.      By Tobyn Gregory

I love this piece of poetry, and look he loves ‘his unbelievably cute brother and  arty, creative scrapbooking’ lol…that’s my boy.

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Lots of awesome things have happened over the past couple of weeks. I will be as brief as I can…

  • Both computers have been overhauled, YAY. Although the cost of overhauling the laptop isn’t anything to cheer about! But I really missed it, the other computer is old and very SLOW.
  • I WON week 2 of the comp at scrapboxnz. Very exciting for me. Then the next 2 weeks were not layouts and I was not in my comfort zone. I ended up behind Liz and Tracey who got equal top points. I got the same points as Beverley and Vicki, YAY us! Great company to be the same points with.

The one that won…we were challenged to do a layout with non traditional Christmas colours.


  • I have generally been enjoying crafting. Layouts are getting done and I am even close to finishing my samples for a DT call. Yes I am putting myself out there again. I don’t expect to get on at all because I imagine there are some great people applying and there is so much amazing talent out there. But I am loving the things I have done so far, even the OTP, which I really struggle with! Another layout I did that I love was for Scrapbook Outlet, challenge to scrap a Christmas wish list. I had an interesting conversation with Isaac over what he wanted for Christmas and this was the resulting layout.


  • SUNSHINE, it is so nice to see the sunshine! And I LOVE fresh washing dried in the sunshine. As we were making beds on Sunday with sheets dried in the sun, they smelt freshly ironed, BEAUTIFUL!
  • Manicures. I had my very first manicure a couple of weeks ago. I used to bite my nails and never thought I would get a manicure. But now my friend has started doing it from home I thought I would treat myself and it was fantastic. I went back last night for a 2nd one and even got bling on my pinkies, LOL.
  • Thanksgiving with very special people. This past weekend we met up with Tim and Eleanor and their puppy Scout and Kaila, Glen, Sophia, Vivi and Gabriel. What an AMAZING weekend we had! Good food, lots of laughs, sunshine water and photos. Oh how I wish we lived closer to these people. They all live in Auckland so we met in Taupo at the Gregorys holiday house, a good half way point. This was our 3rd Thanksgiving since we arrived back in New Zealand and each one has been celebrated with the Pettigroves, it has become a wonderful tradition. And we are already booked in to return to Taupo for Thanksgiving next year.  Now to inundate you with photos from the weekend.

The table…


Some gorgeous kids!






Tomorrow beautiful Mummies and adorable children and lovin families.

  • One more very exciting thing…Isaac is no longer wearing nappies during the day! Yes, we have finally switched the potty training switch. It took a bit of talking and finding out that he was scrared of the toilet and wouldn’t even use the potty in the toilet room, so the potty was moved to the shower! And from then on he had it. Yay, now he wears cute spiderman and Thomas the Tank Engine undies. And the other big boy thing Isaac has done recently…he took his bottles down to the fairy tree and the fairies took the bottles and replaced them with a very cool wooden rainbow toy! Photo of that tomorrow too. I must go to bed it is almost midnight, gotta get some beauty sleep, LOL.


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