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The Queen’s challenge

Over at the Stampin’Scrap Chch forum, there is a challenge set by the lovely Queen Vic herself. I was up for the challenge…pink…hmm, not a usual colour for me to scrap with…bling, a crown and a photo of me. I went to a crop on Friday night with my lovely friend Adele and I did it, I created this layout and I am really happy with it! But the photo of the layout really doesn’t do it justice, it doesn’t quite show all the detail.











It was actually a lot of fun working with pink! Vicki has made a comment at the gallery that I look too young to be a bride, LOL. Well is 24 too young? Pretty young for today’s standards. But all my life I have had people say I look a lot younger than I actually am. I know I will be very happy to look 60 when i am 80…LOL!!!

There is a free on line class at Stampin’scrap tonight. I think it will be a lot of fun. I need to know how they run because I will be setting/teaching online classes each month for my DT term. Very exciting!

I really need to do a couple of posts to catch up my 365, it is still going strong, just the journalling is a bit slow a=in coming.

So with that I think I will go and edit some more photos. TTFN.


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Do you see the new link in my side bar? Over there ——————————————————————->

Yep huge news for me, I am now a designer! Thanks you Tanya for taking me on to your design team. Thanks to TW for pointed out to me that they were looking for 2 new design team members.

So I now design for stampin’scrapchch I have spent the past week over in the forum getting to know everyone and it has been an absolute blast! Come on over and join in the fun. Lots of great challenges including sketches for Little Shop Of Sketches. And Vicki the resident Queen has set this challenge.

So join me in celebrating, leave me a comment and I will draw a name to recieve a small RAK on Monday.

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A lovely award

I need to update with photos, but  am still editing them. I have still been keeping up with my photo a day which is wonderful!

This post is because 2 lovely people have awarded me an blog award. Vicki and Nicki have both given me this…








Now the rules require me to pass this on so here are my favourite fabulous blogs

Sandra – a wonderfuly fun, supportive and encouraging friend. And fantastic Mama to 4 boys and 1SD.

Angel Girl One of the most friendly supportive woman in bloggy world, with a beautiful heart.

Janine Wonderful Mummy to 2 precious little boys. Amazing papercrafter and now digi scrapbook designer.

Penny A person I admire for her knowledge of books, her love of environment and fantastic food! And a wonderful scrapbooker to boot.


Hannah As a mother of 2 boys, a christian and a scrapbooker my self I love to read Hannah’s blog. It is always inspiring and she is one of the most positive people I know.

So, take, enjoy and pass on if you wish.

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Update of 365

Because this week so far has been all about Tobyn why not have another piece of exciting news from school? Tobyn has been chosen as one of 8 from the whole school to be involved in a special writing group. At his school they have a gifted and talented program but T has never been chosen for it before…finally he is being noticed and it is so cool that it is happening at the beginning of this year…it sets things up for him to do so well and to be so proud of himself! When we came home today he went straight to his room to do his homework…and he did a great job. Maybe things are fianally connecting for him, I hope so!

And now a catch up of my 365, because I am really behind on the blog update!

This is my fill in photo for Day 23. I wanted a photo of  T in his new running gear but he was not obliging. I got one and he was so upset I had to delete it, but I did finally get one and here it is. As good as I am going to get I think. Dad sometimes runs the last little bit with him.


Next is Friday of that week, the last official day of school holidays before the last weekend and a new year. Our young friend, A, came and did some more crafting in the afternoon. T finished his scrapbook page he started 2 weeks earlier. And he did a great job with a page about all the cats we have had.

In the morning we had been to the paediatrician again to check T’s growth. He is growing at 4.4cm’s/year. The average child grows at about 5cm/year. So he is a little behind but not too much. Everything is pretty much where it should be for his bone age, which is 18 months behind his actual age. The Dr wants to see him every 6 months for the next few years.


I am not sure yet which photo I am going to use for that Friday, because I have this funny photo of Tobyn…what animals live upside down? Apart from bats.





This is his favourite position to watch TV at the moment!

Then the weekend…

Steve finished the area around Isaac’s sandpit and it looks awesome. Isaac really enjoyed being outside doing something similar to what Daddy was doing.


For me I spent some time scrapping and some time fluffing not too sure what to do. It was a bit of a week of that!


This was one of the products of my day. I have been trying to scrap photos that have been sitting around loose in my scraproom. With my organisation I decided it was very important to clear these away. This was one back when I was 19 and did my enrolled nursing training. I was a very underconfident teen. I didn’t do very well at high school, despite being pretty bright and being in the top stream when I entered 3rd form. Over my 5 years there I developed a very poor self image and didn’t believe I could do anything worthwhile. I applied for Teacher’s College but I was only 16, so too young. I was pushed ahead at primary school and so was a year younger than my peer’s at high school and clearly too immature. So when I was turned down from T Col I took it personally, thinking I was too dumb. So I got a job in a pharmacy. I had a great employer and he encouraged me to go on and do nursing. I didn’t think I would be good enough to do registered nursing so I went for enrolled. I got through without having to do much work! In 1993 I went on to do my nursing degree and did very well, we didn’t get grades but my marks were always in the high 80’s. So I think I just needed a bit of maturity.

Well that was a waffle!

Onto Sunday…and the end of my first month of 365. Sunday saw me buy and cover books for school. I love covering the books and I love seeing the finished product. But the cover I got was a nightmare!!! I wasted one whole roll, grrr. But in the end they looked great. Day 29’s photo is the before photo


Monday’s photo is the one of Tobyn’s first day at school. And Yesterday and today I still need to download, so they can wait a couple more days.

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Tobyn is a house captain! Yes my boy moved right along from yesterday, gave his house a great speech and got voted in as a house captain. He has been hoping he would get this since before school finished last year. So you can imagine his excitement as he ran to the car to tell me. And you can imagine this Mummy so incredibly proud. GO TOBYN!!! Maybe this will be a fantastic year for him.

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This boy went back to school today…


He was so excited! He is in his final year at primary school, so he is one of the BIG kids. He has been looking forward to being a great role model. We have been so proud of him over the past few weeks. He has been doing really well with his exercise, he is challenging himslef and putting himself out there. On the way to school he said he wanted to be the friendliest kid in school. We got to school and he walked confidently into the classroom. He confidently said hi to the teacher and went and put his bag away. He brought out his books and proceded to look for his desk…there it was…at the back…next to a row full of year 5 girls…where were his friends and peers? TOGETHER! My heart broke! My baby was sad. He had been so full of excitement and eagerness and with one small thing he lost it. I thought his teacher would have known him better than that…afterall she had him all last year. I had a word to him and reminded him of his pact to be the friendliest kid in school and to try and do that. But I walked drove away from school worried about my little boy, my baby, the child I longed for, loved and nutured, laughed and cried with and I had to leave him there and hope that he would be OK. I phoned Steve when I got home and cried. I wanted to go and rescue him but of course I didn’t want him to be embarressed, I didn’t want to make a scene. So instead I went and spoke to the principal and asked her to keep an eye on him. I want him to have a fantastic year and I will do what ever I have to to help him. She kind of understood, but sometimes I just wish they could understand him the way I do! Well at the end of the day he was happy. He had a good day, he is OK about where he is sitting, afterall it won’t always be like that. He is in the top reading group along with 3 others, good on you Tobyn! He still has high hopes, I just hope that they come to fruition for him, it would be so easy for him to be squashed again. And this Mummy will still cry and laugh with him, hope and dream with him, encourage and cheer with him. I love him with ALL my heart, and tonight my heart feels a little better.

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