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Awful Day

Today has to be one of the worst days I have ever had! I ran over Isaacs cat. As I was backing out of the garage I felt this bump and thought I had run over some of Steves stuff on the floor of the garage, but no I had done something far worse! My poor boys, the cats are part of the family. We hadn’t had them all that long, we got them for Isaacs b’day last Oct to celebrate the tough year we had made it through. Luna was an adorable cat. He had a lovely personality. He LOVED Isaac and Isaac LOVED him. Luna was one of Isaacs 1st words although both cats were Luna to him. Luna would come and sit on Isaacs lap and follow him around. He would come and sit by the bath when Isaac had a bath, he would let Isaac stroke and pat him no matter how hard. One of our last memories is of Isaac waving a feather dangly thing and Luna jumping and chasing it. Tobyn loves all our animals like they are his siblings. He was so sweet while I was sobbing and didn’t know what to do he said ‘it’s OK Mum don’t be too sad’ One of the saddest moments was when he first knew what had happened and he was crying and saying ‘wake up it’s just a dream, it’s just a dream’ and then when took him to school and he said ‘I didn’t think we could die young, I thought I would live with him for a long time’ this eveing he wanted to have a family prayer and I think that helped him a lot, he didn’t want to say anything, Steve did a great job for all of us. RIP Luna, we love you.


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OK here is some eye candy for you.

I have been meaning to some recent pics of the boys on here for a few days now, and here they are. I am really enjoying my new camera, but I don’t think the boys are, I think they have had enough of me taing photos of them. But I think they are such adorable targets for the Mummy paparazzi!

This is a pretty good shot of the 2 boys. It is difficult to get them together because Isaac is too active and Tobyn puts on silly faces.

Here is my big 18mth old. Where did that year and a half go? Look at his adorable eyes (but of course I am biased!)

A reasonable shot of my adorable big boy.

I love this photo of Steve and Isaac, look at the love in Daddys eyes!

I have been wanting to do canvas footprints for Isaacs wall since we had the room painted. Finally on Anzac day we did it. The 1st photo is Isaac doing his own canvas and he only put the brush in his mouth once! I just love the 2nd photo of his blue foot! There are more of a green foot and a blue face! They will be perfect for a scrapbook page!

Today we are having a pretty quiet day. Steve has to go in to work. He had to come home early on Friday because the car had a flat tyre and I don’t know how to change it (but now I do!!!) Anyway he didn’t know how to change it either because we had never had to do it and it has a special locking nut so our mags don’t get stolen. So we had to call someone out to help us. While we were waiting Steve decided it was a good opportunity to stack the pile of wood we had delivered the day before. So he now needs to make up a few hours.
Tobyn is having a friend over to play this afternoon and Isaac and I will get to play I guess.
Oh big news for my fitness…..we bought an eliptical trsiner yesterday. I have been looking at treadmills for a while. I thought I could do this while Isaac is sleeping. So this weekend Smith City had a fitness expo and had stuff on sale including $500 off the treadmill I was thinking about. So we had decided on that, then Steve jumped on an elliptical trainer and asked my opinion. I have watched people in the gym use these before and I thought they looked so hard but when I got on I was impressed. It is low impact and works so many different muscle groups. I can’t wait for it to be delivered on Tuesday!!! By the time we go to Oz in June I am sure I am going to look and feel alot better than I do right now!
Well, my big boy is hungry so I had better go and sort some lunch before Isaac wakes up.

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I asked Steve to choose 2 photos for me to scrap. I get into a rut of doing the same photos and I knew he would choose something to take me out of my rut and comfort zone. So he pulls out 2 photos from a 70’s style b’day party. But, one of the photos I did not want as the focus of the page so I got 2 more photos from the same party. I had in my head how I wanted it to look with just the 2 photos so I then had to re think with an added 2 and as it evolved I had to had a 5th photo. I had fun with this layout. I used paint for the 1st time and gave it a bit of a messy look with some highlights of gold which are hard to see in the photo. This is not publication worthy but I do like how it turned out!

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THE DARE: Tell us about your most embarrassing moment. Well there really are too many to choose from, but,

Age: 17
Setting: Best friends brothers 21st.
Incident: OK get the picture, best friends brothers friends are GORGEOUS!!! So as any typical 17 yr old I feel awkward and unsure of myself, but….I still manage to make a fool of myself. We were all dancing on a hard wood floor to 80’s music. I was wearing heels, which I didn’t often do. My friend and I plus a couple of cute guys, (one in particular I was rather attracted to and had hoped he was to me)were spinning and doing silly dance moves, next minute I am on my butt having gone over on my ankle. Cute guy helps me up and over to a chair where it is obvious I have sprained my ankle, DOH. So I spend the rest of the evening with my foot up and an ice pack close at hand. Incidentally the cute guy was not ever and never would have ben interested in me 😉

In other news. I still haven’t got any photos up, hopefully over the weekend I can do that. I plan on doing a double layout this weekend. Today is wet so I might get a chance to have some scrapping time.

Tobyn has his 1st game of field hockey today. Steve is the coach. Hopefully they will have a good game. Tobyn is only playing because Steve is the coach so it will be interesting to see how much enthusiasm he has for it. Steve and Tobyn have come home from hockey, and they won 4-2. And Tobyn says he had a good time.

Tobyn came home with a great school report this week. Almost all A’s, he just needs to improve his presentation. He is so much more motivated this year.

Well, ’til later, gotta go have a shower and have a cup o’ coffee.

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The challenge today is to find an adjective for each letter in your name, and this is not easy with a Y and a V!!! So here it is

Well I often say yummy mummy, I wish I was.

2. (of a woman’s body) having a large bosom and pleasing curves; “Hollywood seems full of curvaceous blondes”; “a curvy young woman in a tight dress”

I guess some of these are wishful thinking 🙂 Though DH would probably agree

Yep, in my own little way

Absolutely, true to myself and my family and friends!

And some might too eager at times. Eager to learn new things amd have new experiences!

Come back later, I have some new photos and a layout to put up.

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Top feel good movie

Scrapgal blog challenge #19 Movie Monday. Lisa asked us to blog about our top feel good movie. Well it has taken me a few hours to think about this one. The first thing that came to mind was Grease…but…it is all about the music, the story line is a little weak and has some quite negative parts in it, but I do love it. So that isn’t my fav!


I LOVE this movie! I can so relate to Abby, played by Janeane Garofolo. I think she is gorgeous, not the typical beauty but in my eyes very stunning. The characters low self esteem holds her back from believing that a gorgeous guy would like her looks, he liked her radio personality. As I said before I can relate, I am not a ‘sterotypical’ beauty, but many people tell me I am beautiful, I find it hard to accept. I think my DH is gorgeous so how did I end up with him, see my low-self esteem talking? Anyway, Abby ends up with the gorgeous man, now thats gotta make you feel good!

Other movies I love:
Princess Bride
Billy Elliot
The Neverending Story
Many Disney Movies, but in particular Aladdin, Beauty and The Beast, The Little Mermaid
Calendar Girls

Thats all I can come up with right now, TTFN

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YAY got it loaded

This is the layout I was talking about in the previous post.

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