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So the biggest thing this week is that Tobyn turned 10! Woah where has that decade gone?

He was up early, dressed and ready to go for the day. He came into us with Isaac anticipating what might happen next, LOL. He loved his prezzies and his favourite was the book I snapped the day before as a last minute present. He loves The Percy Jackson books by Rick Riorden. He read the 1st three very quickly and has been awainting the arival of the latest in the series. I wasn’t sure if it was released in NZ at the same time as the USA but I thought i would try and find it and that I did! So quess what his favourite new book is? LOL. Now he is hanging out for the much talked about movie. And I just read that book number 5 is in the process. We also gave him a few spy things, The Game of Life and a virtual pet. He was a very happy boy. For dinner we went out to Cobb & Co with Grandad and Grandma. Yay for $10 roasts on a Wednesday, for all 6 of us plus an ice cream cake it only came to $83, fantastic.

So here he is blowing out the candles.

Tobyn is having a sleep over party the 1st weekend of the school holidays. The one and only birhtday sleepover I think.

Now I had my sleepover last weekend, LOL. I went to Taupo with my friends and it was fantastic. No demanding, sleep ins, bubbly, a great movie and wonderful uninterupted adult conversation! The view from the house was fantastic

Onto SYTYCS week 4. We had to emulate Heidi this week. 5×7 photo, b&w with pops of colour, flowers, swirls, bling, transperencies or rub-ons, and doodling. It deffinately led more towards the girly layouts so I used a photo from the weekend. I actually foudn this layout a lot harder than I expected and I don’t LOVE the end result. Anyone surprised at that comment, LOL? I am having trouble photgraphing my layouts at the moment, the colours are not coming out right, sigh. The flowers on the journalling spot are brighter than in the photo. I used a gel pen and they look very cool IRL.

I went to the movies with a friend last night. We saw Second Hand Wedding. I would recommend it, it was a good laugh. I was surprised in the 1st garage sale scene to see a guy from our Church, so cool. And it is set all in and around Parapraumu and Raumati where Steve’s family live. It was fun spotting all the places I recognised.

I have been tagged by a couple of people, I will get on to them soon. I am struggling to get time to blog at the moment, but I have not forgotten about them.


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I am so excited

I am going on a girls weekend this weekend! I am so excited!!! I will be spending the weekend in Taupo with 2 friends from my teens…that means I have known these woman for about 25 years! WOAH, that sounds like such a long time. Phillipa/Flip/Pippa/Flippitypip, I have been friends with her since I was about 15. We grew up in the same area and I remember being afraid of her when I was younger. She is a very tall person and has ALWAYS been tall, and I have always been a shrimp. She is now over 6ft and I am only 5’3″, so you can imagine how comical we have always looked together. If only digital cameras were around back then I could show you a pic. She really wan’t scray once I got to know her though. And we have remained friends over these many years. We have had a fantastic friendship that has seen many ups and downs both within our friendship and in our individual lives. BFF? Most deffinately and I am looking forward to catching up with her again this weekend. My other friend is also a Philippa, or Pip as she has always been to me. I met her when her father became the new Minister at our Church. Another BFF! She is the wonderful woman I stayed with in Chch when my Dad was ill and passed away. Her and her family are so special to me! But I have to say I am looking forward to having time without the husbands and the children (sorry Steve I know you would love to join us too, LOL) Oh the fun, I am sure we will have fantastic food, wine and laughs. And I plan on getting a photo of the three of is, I already have a layout planned. I have a photo of the 3 of us in our teens…get the picture?

Very proud of my Big boy, he got player of the day at hockey last weekend! It is hard when your Dad is the coach but he hasn’t left him until the end of the season. He said he tried really hard and ran around the field well. He put him at centre forward for some of the game and he did well there. I don’t go to the games much, it is easier to keep Isaac at home. But I will have to go to another one soon, I do like watching them.

Yesterday was my weekly morning with Adele and the girls. Look at this cute pic of the friends with their art work. They painted paper and then we made butterflies. Don’t they look adorable?


And guess what colour antenna Isaac’s butterfly has?…PINK!

SYTYCS week 3…one word…HARD!!! We had to emulate Lianne. Her style is so unique, funky and arty. I freaked out to begin with. Previous weeks I have got the layout done by the end of the weekend, this time it took me until Tuesday afternoon. I like my layout but it is NOT a Lianne style, it is deffinately still in my own style. After I had loaded it I said to Steve, are you OK that everyone is going to see this and it looks like you are breastfeeding…LOL? I got Steve to quote the journalling and I love what he said. He has such a great way with words! The black blocks are actually a plastic grocery bag which I then stamped with white and pink bubble wrap. The sun is from a top top bread bag, that was the inspiration for the title and the photos. The title is of course a song which I am sure you all know. The neonatal unit we were in had a music therapy day and the very first time we did kangaroo care they stopped outside our curtains and played that song and now it always sticks for that special memory.

The layout…

So this week we are to emulate Heidi Barclay. I am looking forward to getting onto this one…using mainly b&w with a pop of colours. Love b&w with a pop of colour. BUT she has girls and her layouts do tens to be  very feminine. I might just have to scrap a neice, or get some cool photos this weekend with my girlfriends and use one of them. Anyway it does have to wait until Monday.

Righto gotta go and finsih getting ready for my weekend, Pip will be here any minute. See ya’ll when I get back, and I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.


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I Should Be So Lucky2_edited-1

Originally uploaded by spgettie

So the competition is AMAZING!!! I LOVE my layout and I am so happy to have it in my album! But the other layouts are also fantastic! It must be so hard being a judge. This week we had to use Kelly’s elements, stamps, paint, torn paper, 2 different size photo’s one of which had to have me in it, flower, cluster of embellishments, ribbon or trim. I found this hard to start with because I don’t use paint, stamps or torn paper much at all.

Congrats to those that have points this week you totally deserve it. And go NEEN, way out in front with 17 points over the 2 weeks.

Oh the one thing I am annoyed about is the quality of my photo. It wasn’t until after I had sent it that I had a closer look at it and saw that it was VERY fuzzy, grrr.

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Last post edited

I have edited my last post and added the layouts I submitted for Paper Pesto.

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Woo hoot Wednesday



It is that time of week again!

SO here we go.

Firstly, woo hoot to Penny for making this cool button for us all to use and Woo Hoot to Janine for thinking up this fantastic day to make me smile in the middle of every week.

Woo Hoot to having friends like Adele. She visits most Wednesday’s. We get to chat and the kids play so well, most of the time. Isaac is becoming quite the bossy wee man, or should I say, exerting strong leadership quality’s which need to be quided in a positive direction, LOL. Last week I thought it would be a good idea to do some craft activities when Adele and the girls are here. So today, thanks to this website, we helped them make sheep and necklaces. Isaac proudly shows his end results. Notice the beads? One yellow bead among pinks! I tried to encourage him to choose other colours but he went for the pinks!

Woo Hoot to those that successfully got chosen for the final 12 in the paper pesto guest DT call. Sadly I was not one of the 12. So you are all going to be subjected to viewing my layouts! But do go and visit and vote for the 4 you like the most. (OK so you are going to have to wait to see these layouts because either Word Press  or the internet in general, is being a pain tonight)

Woo Hoot Steve and I are going out on Friday night, with out children! If all goes well we might be able to do it more often.

Woo Hoot to Isaac, brace yourself people you are going to get a bit of this in the next few weeks…we are encouraging Isaac to use the potty and last night he did number 2’s and today he knew and told us and went wee’s! High fives all around for him!

And finally, Woo Hoot week 2’s layouts for SYTYCS. I am really looking forward to seeing everyones faces this week.

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Childbirth Song

Someone shared this on another forum. I had to share it here, it is so funny!

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Originally uploaded by spgettie


Had some fun in the hallway the other night! And I even let Steve take some photos of me with the boys, and I wasn’t even wearing makeup! I really love the photos of Isaac with the teddy.

Speaking of Isaac…I am so proud of him tonight…he ate ALL his dinner…corned beef, broccoli, carrots and mashed potato and he asked for more of everything except the potato. This is so fantastic, especially after last nights mission at the dinner table. He ended up in time out many times last night for refusing to eat. I have had enough of making yummy meals and he completely refuses and then wakes in the middle of the night asking for a bottle. So I don’t know if tonight was because he remembered from last night or because he just loved the meal, whatever the reason I am happy.

Tuesdays and Thursdays Tobyn goes to Judo. This means that i get to do the whole bedtime routine with Isaac and I have to say i am really enjoying reading his choice of stories. He is quite particular and knows exactly what he likes. Tonight it was “Come on Daisy”, “Who’s Out Tonight” (all about nocturnal animals) and “Goodnight Me” Loved them all!

I meant to blog some of his cute things he said recently. Some I can’t quite remember right now but there is this one…
He was running around without a nappy on
“Look, my belly button is wobbling” (not belly button!) SO funny.
Oh and another “It’s a RACK dinosaur” as in a growling dinosaur.
and “let’s hide…boo I found you”

I am impatiently wating for the paper pesto announcement! They had 30 entries and the call ended on Monday night…and yes I am a very impatient person!

But, on the other hand the SBBD So You Think You Can Scrap first round results came out today and I am on the scoreboard, YAY. Feels very good!

And here is the layout. I loved emulating Meeks style, fun, fun, fun. I don’t know if I will do it a lot because it does take me out of my zone a bit, but I do love doodling. And Janine, notice the little owl, didn’t he do well?

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