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I was creating a new layout today and all was going well. It was a double page which I struggle with but I was liking how it was turning out. I had all the photos stuck down and waiting to finish the rest. Hubby arrived home and he saw the title ‘a snapshot of New York’ and he said but that and that and that are not in New York they are in Washington, and he was right!!! Grr, I was very annoyed with myself, of course I know The Whitehouse is in Washington, DOH. Fortunately they were easy to remove and I had a couple of others I could replace them with, WHEW! Gotta see the funny side of this, I do rely on Steve checking my work for a few things like grammer, placement and obviously now I need to get him to make sure I have the right photos for the layout LOL.


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So cute and cool

Well I was watching The View today and it was Rosies b’day. Her wish for her b’day was to have a whole show of musicals so her wish was granted. The 1st was Les Mis, well this stopped Isaac in his tracks, he stopped right in front of the TV and was transfixed, it made me so happy! He loves music of any sort but I have noticed things with a good beat and tune really capture him. I decided to put the whole movie on and just have it running while we were doing things, had to stop it to pick Mr T up from school but put it back on when we got home, well Mr T was also very interested in it and was asking LOTS of questions and then the historical questions came and the what if it happened now questions, mr philosphical he is, but I love it!

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Here I am about to start a new era on the internet, and hopefully I can keep it up! This is going to replace myspace, I hope to keep it up more and it will be more ‘me’ Please visit and leave messages and generally enjoy reading about the goings on of a woman in an all male household.

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