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Books Day 25


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Some books I have read to Isaac today, still sitting on the coffee table.
My Dad is not doing well. My brother phoned this morning with the news from the Dr that they have done all they can for him and they think he only has a few days. Mum rang this eveing and the Dr this evening said it is time to gather the family around. So my sister and I are deciding what is the best way to get down to Christchurch. And whether we take all the children or not. So I won’t be probably won’t be around much in the next little while and I won’t be able to complete my assignment. I think I will be heading to Christchurch tomorrow regardless of whether I go just with Isaac or with my sis and our 5 boys.

Thank you for all your kind thoughts and prayers! I am amazed at how much support one can get from people you have never met!


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Day 24 Isaac in the garden

Isaac in the garden

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So my idea of not having photos of my kids didn’t work out very well at all lol.
Isaac loves to help in the garden. We got him his own set of gardening tools for Christmas and he loves them.
I know I have a lot more to say but I am lost for words right now.
I will leave you with a layout I whipped up today for a challenge at Scrapbook Essentials, for their Friday night challenge. It turned out very ‘green’. Not sure if I like it, I think I do, I think it will grow on me.

We Are Family 

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My 6 year old nephew

jono 2

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Day 23 photo is my newly 6 year old nephew, Jono. Last week he rang and invited me to come and celebrate his b’day. I was invited to an early tea. I said ‘what time would you like me to come’ he replied, “sometime after 10 would be OK” He was so excited about em coming he told his teacher ‘my Aunty is coming for an early birthday tea on Saturday’ So funny.
Tea was his choice and consisted of hotdogs and chips as the main. And there were lots of sweets, chips and chocolates for starters. Fortunately my sister had thought that the adults might like something else and we had crackers, cheeses and pate. And of course what else would a 6 year old boy have for dessert….icecream.
i tried to get some photos but his older brother was being silly and distracting him.

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Lets go back to Friday

Isaac Asleep

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Woah, 3 days without blogging? I am going back to my old habits. Oops.
Firstly, thanks for your guidance regarding the friendship question. Now that I have re read what I wrote I feel kind of silly! And what you have all said is such common sense. I know that the thing I need to work on is contact. Ringing someone and not wondering if I am bothering them. I pre think things too much and I set myself up for failure. I am deffinately trying to improve on that this year.

The photo…..I tried to keep Isaac awake on Friday afternoon because he hasn’t been going to bed well in the evening. WELL, he fell asleep in the car on the way to pick Tobyn up and stayed asleep when I brought him inside. Steve then had major difficulties with him in the evening….I went out, LOL.

On Friday evening I went to my first real crop! It was with a group of woman from the school community. My friend Gaylene had told everyone that I was an amazing scrapbooker….talk about setting me up for failure. I was a little nervous about going after that. But I went and took a couple of albums and the comments were very positive. They would like me to teach them some of what I know, exciting but frightening at the same time. I did have fun and I started working on a layout for possible submission to Up2Scrap. At about 915pm the power went out though. So we chatted for a while and when the power showed no signs of coming back on we left Deanne to it.

On Friday morning my sister came around so we could put together some questions to ask the Dr’s in Christchurch about my Dad.
Update on my Dad. Dad was admitted to Princess Margaret Hospital after he had a fall around Christmas. He was admitted on Christmas day but my bro didn’t let anyone else know until 3 weeks later. Dad has been in Princess Margaret since because he is not stable. They were hoping to get him out to a rest home. There is very little chance that he will go back to his own home. His mood was low and Vaughan thought he had given up on life. Fast forward to Wednesday.
My brother phoned on Wednesday night putting a scare into us….an unwarrented scare. He said he thought Dad only had 2 weeks to live. He had been called by the hospital because Dad had a bad night Tuesday. His body was very cold and his peripherals were very purple. They didn’t know why. As the day went on things improved and they sent him for lots of tests. The tests showed that his heart was OK, and he had a possible mild chest infection. Some meds were stopped and he was put on Anti bots. The information Vaughan had given us was not complete, so Annie and I thought it might be best of we phoned and got the correct information. It is really hard because my brother is the point of contact down there and he is a very busy guy. He also has the stress of his girlfriends mother being unwell with motor neurone disease. So Friday morning I called the hospital and got the house surgeon. He said Dad is severely depressed and they were trying to work out why. They don’t think it is just because he has given up. He was on a major ante depressant but they had to stop it because of the incident on Tuesday night. He is so severely depressed that they had even considered ECT!!! Now that is major stuff. But because he has a history of heart attack he is not a suitable candidate for a general anaesthetic. So I gave the Dr my phone number and said I wanted to be called if there were any major changes. Vaughan is still the first point of contact but because of his work hours etc I may be easier to get a hold of. So I got a call last night saying that things were changing. Blood tests done yesterday showed liver failure. He had a very low mood, was unresponsive and generally, medically a bit of a worry. Because Princess Margaret is an assessment hospital they don’t have the high tech stuff that Dad might need. So last night they moved him to Christchurch Public.
Now my Dad and Mum have been separated since Tobyn was 8 months old, so that makes it 9 years. In that time Mum has moved on after a very difficult break up for her. Dad moved on early in the piece but has gone backwards since his heart attack early in 2006. Mum still loves him and wants to know what is happening, understandably. Vaughan hasn’t really been keeping her well informed. I spoke to Mum last night and she went up to see him today. This afternoon she said he knew she was there but wouldn’t open his eyes. The Dr’s are hopeful that if they can get the meds sorted he will improve and go to a rest home. It is a worrying time for us and I may need to go down very soon. Mum did say she didn’t think there was any urgency for me to go down at the moment.

If you are the praying kind please send a few prayers for my family.

Now that this has become a very long post I will put my day 23 and 24 photos up either later tonight or in the morning.

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Day 21 Pizza Dinner

Pizza Dinner

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I had planned to cook butter chicken for dinner tonight, but I didn’t read the recipe before I started. I needed to marinate the chicken for at least 1 hr, I did not have time to do this tonight. So we ended up with take aways tonight instead of tomorrow. Now we can look forward to butter chicken tomorrow night.

Tobyn had his 1st keyboard lesson tonight and he is so excited. Roy is a family friend and he and Tobyn have always had a special relationship. They get each other. They understand each others sense of humour. From the very 1st time we met Roy he picked up on Tobyn’s love of dinosaurs and loves it. He gave Tobyn a challenge to write a piece of music about a dinosaur with a sore foot. Tobyn has already done it! And it is fantastic. It has words and all. He was excited to play me what he had already learnt. I hope it continues. I learnt piano when I was young but I hated anyone hearing me. It appears Tobyn doesn’t have that yet and I hope he never does.

This morning I took Isaac to our pre school music group. It is a really young group, Isaac is one of the older ones at just over 2. Lots of babies including little 3 month old Toby. His Mum told me that she loved the name Tobyn but it wouldn’t go with there surname which ends in ten. I was chuffed to know that she liked my boys name so much!

Now a question if any of you feel like telling me.

How do you make and keep new friends? Strange for a 30 something woman to ask! I never have a problem meeting new people or having that 1st coffee but I do have issues with what to do after that. I have met a lovely woman at playgroup that has a little boy similar age to Isaac. From the 1st time she came I thought she looked like someone I would like to know. I was asking a friend about where she gets her boys haircut and Debbie said she had a friend that cuts kids hair and we chatted. The next time she said I should come around for a coffee, so today we booked it in for Monday. My question is what do you do after that. I don’t like to feel like I am pushing myself on people so I usually wait a while to make another coffee meeting. So what do you do when making new friends when you are adults with young children?

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Day 20

Isaacs blanket

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I know slack, slack. This must be about the 3rd time I have missed a day. Taken the photo just not got it onto the blog.

So day 20’s photo is of Isaacs polar fleece blanket. Have you seen one of these knotted polar fleece blankets? When Isaac was in the neo natal unit these were all the go in the States. Many people had made them and donated them to the unit. When the babies are in the incubaters they have a blanket over to keep it dark as it would be if they were still in utero.

I loved them so much I had to make one for my boys. It was one of my challenges while he was still in the unit. I chose these colours because they just seemed the right colours for him. Even when he was so little we knew we wanted him surrounded by a rich blue and green combo. When we moved to this house we painted his room with the green colour and painted his dresser the blue. I love the combo.

I also made Tobyn one and he chose the fabric. Tobyn’s one is grey with white tigers. It now covers the keyboard.

Last night I spent most of the evening writing up a newsletter for the Children and Family ministries at Church. Why did I offer? STUPID! I was up until nearly midnight because I kept procratinating. Then I saved it and planned on printing it out this morning so I could take it to Allison. So I open up the old document and try and open the new document and I can’t. I finally do something really silly and wipe everything I did last night! At 9am this morning i had to redo the whole thing and have it printed to get down to Church which is 15 mins away for 10am! Not happy. But done.

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The post it note

The post it note

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Day 19 photo.

I decided, after reading about other people sorting out their homes, to have a look at the flylady. I signed up and started on the baby steps. My home is not that untidy but my family need some reminding, including me at times. One of the fly ladys tips is to leave post it notes for yourself and family members. This little note that ended up on the step was posted above the sink and says put dishes in the dishwasher! Fat lot of good it is out on the deck steps. I would deffinately recommend the fly lady. I am finding putting more deffinate routines in place just makes life so much easier and I have more time to do enjoyable things because I am not constantly thinking oh I have to do this and that.

So something I actually now get more time for is scrap booking. And look what I whipped up this afternoon. This is just a layout I have wanted to do for AGES. I bought the Jazz paper in the States almost 3 years ago now, and it was always planned for photos of Tobyn at Jazz. In these photos Tobyn is only 3?-5, soooo cute!!! This layout is deffinately very KISS and it gets the story I wanted into the scrap book.


Isaac had a ball at Doodlebugs playgroup this morning. They had the water play out and spent just about the whole time water playing. When it was time for story and songs I was tidying up, he came over to me and said come on Mama, pulling on my arm and all excited. So cool. Then this evening he sang ‘open, shut them” for Dad and today was only the 2nd time he has heard it.
Isaac has started galloping around the house like a horse. Just about everywhere he goes he gallops, it is so cute, such a happy little boy.
This morning he was giving Apollo, the cat, a cuddle and he said “you’re cute” just the way we say it to him!
And the last cute Isaac thing today….
I started saying I wanted to whisper something in his ear a while ago. When I do it I have to whisper it in both ears and then he has to do it to me and then he has to go and find Dad or Tobyn or the cat and whisper in their ears.
Boy I adore all these adorable things they do while they are learning about themselves and those around them!

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