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I don’t even want to look at when my last post was! It was far too long ago.

Quite a lot has happened in the past month or so. Busy with Stampin’scrap Chch. Loving working with the stuff Tanya sent me. I will put a sneak peak over the next few days. Stampinúp is going well for me. I have 2 clubs going each month and very successful they are too. But there is a lot of prep work.

Isaac has started kindy. The 1st week was OK, he said he didn’t want me to go. The 2nd week was terrible! He screamed and my heart broke. It was awful having to walk out on my sobbing baby. One day I came back and he must have seen me but I got side tracked talking to a  teacher before I got to him. When I did get inside he was sitting on the toilet with a teacher sobbing his heart out, that real heart wrenching sobbing. It took a good 10 mins for him to calm down. Now after 4 weeks he says “I don’t want to go to kindy, will you read me a story?” I say Yes one story and then Mummy has to go, “OK” he says and it is fine. Whew.


There has been a bit of sport going on around here too. Isaac had his 1st kindy sports day. He had a bad experience at kindy practice, lost his hat and came last in the jumping race. Then he didn’t want to take part. But he did the running race, tripped picked himself up and pulled up from last to the middle of the pack. Just imagine how well he could do if he hadn’t fallen over? ‘

Tobyn has been doing mini tri’s for 5 weeks. He did the weet bix triathlon and did SO well. We were all so proud of him. Aunty and Grandad came to watch as well as Steve, Isaac and I. He came into the finish with energy to spare!


Tobyn has also been hot at hockey. He has been putting his all into it and enjoying it until…he got hit in the head by a friends hockey stick. It was half time and they were about to get ready for the 2nd half, his friend swung the stick Tobyn spun and the head of the stick collided with Tobyn’s head. It was so fast, he screamed and dropped to the ground, I saw blood, yelled at Steve who as the coach was talking with some other kids and then I RAN, the adrenaline kicked in and I don’t think I have ever run so fast! Steve had got to him before I did and was carrying him to the side, there was blood all over Steve and all over Tobyn, and there was a hole! It was deep and we were so lucky out Dr next door neighbours boy plays hockey too! He was so fantastic, knew what to do and was able to calm Tobyn down. The ref had phoned 111 and an ambulance was on the way, but Stefan had put a pressure bandage on and phoned the ED warning them we were on the way. So we didn’t need the ambulance. Tobyn needed 9 stitches, 4 internal and 5 external. It was awful seeing him in so much pain. We thought he fainted at one point, but he didn’t. He was so brave really! In true Tobyn style, he was more concerned about Isaac seeing the blood all over him and how his friend would be feeling than himself. I had to call Ricky’s parents when we got home so they could let him know he was OK. The stitches have now been removed and next Wednesday he can play again. The team need him! They are top of the tables and next week play the 2nd best team. Steve is funny, he says I have never coached a team at the top before, LOL.


We have had visitors from England, and celebrated a couple of birthdays. We all got together for Steve’s Dad’s birthday. Jane was down from Auckland, so all the kids and grandkids were together for the 1st time in a year. We attempted the family photo thing, challenging to say the least!


On Monday Isaac and I fly down to Christchurch for 5 weeks. OMGosh! My Mum had a total hip replacement on Monday and we are going down to help her out. I was planning on going for 3-4 weeks but I made a muck up and booked 5 weeks out. Tobyn will fly down on his own for the school holidays and poor old Steve will be on his own for 2 weeks. But on the up side, we get to spend time with Mum, my bro, my very special friends and meet some new friends…Vicki, Tanya, Bee, Heidi and anyone else in Chch that wants to risk meeting me.

So I will leave that long post with a couple of cards and a layout. The cards are for the easter challenge happening at stampinscrap .



The layout I was doing to submit to up2scrap. I had in my head one main colour. I pulled out all my browns and all my blues. One brown had cupcakes and I knew the perfect photo so away I went. Once I had finsihed I went and rechecked the criteria…Colours of the Rainbow, one dominant colour from the rainbow…brown is NOT a colour of the rainbow, DOH!!! So here it is for your enjoyment.


So there you have it my update in a nutshell. I have still been doing the daily photo thing, just not enough time to edit and post at the moment. But it is fun to have the record on film so to speak.

TTFN mwah.


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Well I said I would do an RAK because I was so excited about my new DT position. Well here it is, a couple of weeks later, LOL. I have just been so busy and there is so much news, I will be doing a few posts to catch up. But of course you want to know who WON…


So Beverley if you could PM me or e-mail me if you know my e-mail then I will get this little thing in the mail to you


OK that’s all for this post, Check back later for some photos of T doing his weetbix triathlon…plus a photo of the plaster over his 9 stitches because of the hole the hockey stick made when it collided with his head!!! More soon.

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