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I need to update our happenings before the big trip. So to start off here is my last entry for So You Think You Can Scrap at SBD. Louise style. I LOVED doing this one. I thought it would be really hard but when I got started it just all fell into place. I loved making my own transperencies and will do more of that, once I buy some more printer transperancy paper, LOL. I didn’t really enjoy the chalking, I love the look, but I feel I over did it a bit. It was hard to know when to stop with the chalks. And to make it all worth it, I got some points for this one. Unfortunately I couldn’t finish the comp. I ran out if time due to planning for Vanuatu. I left it till the last minute on Monday night when I realised I really wasn’t going to get it done. But I do have 6 more layouts done and I like all of them bar 1, so that is pretty good for me.

So here it is…


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Mama blong Vanuatu

Hello blog and bloggy friends. Almost a month with no writing…oh but what a month it has been!!! There is so much to write about from my last layout for SYTYCS to our big trip to Vanuatu, and many things in between. So it will have to be over a few posts, so bear with me.

Firstly a big hello to my friends that have sent me e-mails and messages welcoming us back and keen to hear of our travels. You are so kind to think of us!

As to my title for this post…that was my new official title after having my hair braided by Florence. It means Mother from Vanuatu. And I looked even more Mama blong Vanuatu when I got my lovely pale blue ‘Mother Hubbard’ dress (photo to follow in another post, if I can bring myself to show you, LOL)

After all my fears leading up to our trip to Vanuatu, in the end it was in a word FANTASTIC!!! I think all of us have a new appreciation for what we have here in New Zealand. We are so fortunate to have an honest government and business leaders. This isn’t to say it is perfect because we sure have had our rebels and dishonest leaders, but it is nothing compared to what is going on in Vanuatu. And despite this the people we were with were happy, friendly and welcoming. The children smiled all the time, huge smiles showing there beautiful white teeth behind there rich chocolate skin. The teenage girls took Isaac under there wings and gave me freedom to enjoy there village. The young boys loved all the adults but especially the elder men.

Oh so many stories to tell. But I need to edit some more photos so I can tell it with a photo story.

It is so important to get these stories down here so that I can refer back to them in years to come and also there will be MANY scrapbook pages to do, which will take me a LONG time!

OK off to edit more photos, I might get back with a post about things we did before going to Vanuatu tonight.

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Busy, busy, busy!!!

I can’t believe how busy life is at the moment! We have had many trips to the doctor’s, not because anyone is sick but preparing for our trip to Vanuatu in less than 2 weeks now. We have also had lots of discussions about the trip, fears and excitement. For a couple of weeks there I was wondering what the heck we were doing taking a 2 year old somewhere where we are uncertain of the hygiene conditions, how the food will be prepared, fears of mozzies carrying malaria, possible gut reactions to food and water, how my big boy (and I) will cope with a long drop toilet, where we will actually be staying, and many more fears. Plus the huge costs we are incuring because of the decision we made! …BUT, I also have to remember why we made the decision…what a fantastic opportunity for us all, but especially Tobyn, to see and experience a completely different culture! We will live in a village for 5 days, we will interact with the locals, visit the school and have a total immursion experience. This will be something he will remember for the rest of his life. As the days are getting closer I am starting to feel a little more excited about the trip. My biggest concerns now are due to the costs of vaccines and accomodation that we thought was organised by the Church and wasn’t. We also don’t have concrete things we are doing. It appears that we are just to go into the community and see what the needs are when we get there, pretty scary really. We know that myself and another nurse will be having ‘chats’ with a group of women regarding healthy living, other than that????? Tobyn is looking forward to our time in the resort especially, he wants to go snorkling and he wants to see a lizard. So if you are the praying kind a few prayers for us, the trip and the needs of the people we will be seeing will be appreciated!

Other things keeping me busy…housework of course but more exciting than that, So You Think You Can Scrap week 5…Lisa. I was feeling a little disheartened last week, not because I didn’t get points but because I really wasn’t happy with my layout. I felt my scrapping mojo had disappeared. Thank you for all your lovely comments regarding the layout but the reality is we all have different tastes and to be perfectly honest I don’t like it! I love some of the aspects of it but it just doesn’t gel in my eyes, and it seems quite unbalanced. So putting that aside I even considered not finishing the comp. Is it worth doing something if you are not enjoying it? And you have MANY other things you could be spending time doing? NO! So I didn’t do anything about this weeks challenge over the weekend. Adele came over on Monday night to scrap so this was a kick in the rear to give it a go. Over the day on Monday I gave a bit of thought to how I could do the challenge. It required a whole piece of patterned paper for the base, fabric, birds and/or butterflies, foam or chipboard alphas, circles, your newest scrapping purchase and a colour scheme incorporating one or more of pink, lime and teal. Now can you see where my fear came in?….PINK….does that mean another girl layout? That would be 3 more feminine layouts that I am used to and I just am not used to girly layouts. I like doing them occasionally but I feel I am better at the boy ones. Fortunately we only had to use 1 of those colours. So I knew I could do the lime or teal and I was heading down the lime route initially. I did a little search on the net for bird shapes and didn’t find anything I really liked I didn’t want it to be a ‘real’ bird shape I wanted a styalised shape so I made one up, cut it out of felt and them blanket stitched the edge, ’embroidered’ swirls and added beads, and I LOVE my birds! So my layout was then based around the birds. Monday evening I had the birds but no photo picked out when Adele suggested the one I used and it worked perfectly. So in the end I LOVE the layout!!! It is hard to see in the photo but I also sewed beads onto the swirls of the big rub on. And look I even used pink and I think it looks fab. And I got points! So I sit on 5 points right in the middle of the pack but a LONG way from the leaders!

This week we are to emmulate Louise, should be interesting and HARD! She has such unique style which I love.

OK I know have lots more to say but just not the time. I apoligise to my bloggy friends for not replying regularly on your blogs, but I do read! Hopefully after our trip and SYTYCS is over I will have a little more spare time. HUGS to all my friiends, imaginary and real and my MUM and Phillipa who I know check this out sometimes

Have a fantastic weekend everyone. We have a birthday sleepover tomorrow night with 6 little boys, wish us luck! LOL.

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