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My poor wee boy!

Sorry for the following disjointed blog, I am going to blame it on lack of sleep! Isaac is very sick! He has a raging temp which we don’t seem to be able to break. Right now he is actually sleeping on the couch, not me, so I can get a few moments to myself. I took him to the Dr on Tuesday and he said he had a chest infection and gave him an anti bot. But he hasn’t got any better. I have had him sleeping with me for 3 nights now. Yesterday he didn’t want me to put him down at all, he wouldn’t even go to Daddy! Last night he seemed to be hallucinating. He would wake up start screaming and put his hands out in front of him “Lion, lion, lion” It took almost an hour to calm him down. He just did the same thing a few mins ago, this time saying “cat, cat, cat” but not as hysterically. I took him back to the Dr today. He said he isn’t any worse and that the high temp is what is causing him all the problems and then prescribed ibuprophen. I hope he starts getting better soon, I hate seeing him so sick. I start to worry, especially because of the fears drummed into us about preemies and colds.

We had a lovely weekend with Steves sister Jane and wee Olivia. Though they were both tired and needing rest and relaxation. I hope that Jane felt a little relaxed after staying with 2 little boys. Olivia had a bit of a cold and wasn’t feeding or sleeping well. By Sunday evening Jane phoned after hours and they said to bring her in. This little 12 week old was diagnosed with a chest infection and an ear infection. Poor wee thing, it is so hard to know with babies.

I went out to dinner and to the movies with my sister on Sunday evening. It was nice to get out without the boys! We went to see ‘I Now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry’ it was funny and there were deffinately some laught out loud moments, but it wasn’t one I would rave about.

Now for this weeks scrapbook essentials layout. I am very happy with this one, I love how it turned out. Though my sister will testify that I had to tell myself to stop with the doodling and stitching LOL. The website has been experiencing problems. Couldn’t get on at all yesterday (not that Isaac would let me anyway) and today it is touch and go. Next week we have to do a double, ARGH!!!

My sisters husband came home from hospital yesterday after 2 and a half months. She said he tires easily. He is so lucky really, he will be close to 100% in a years time. For those that are new to my blog my BIL was in a head on collision back in June. He broke his collar bone, elbow, hip and both ankles. He has pins and plates in all of those joints.

so until next time, when I have some more totally inthralling news, have a wonderful week.


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I got a spot prize!

Wow, what a shock I got this morning when I saw that I got a spot prize in the Ultimate scrapper comp. So entering this has been so worth while! I have got some layouts done that I would never have done otherwise plus I am going to get a little something in the post, YAY. The standard of layouts in this comp is so high and I am so impressed with what people can come up with in such a short amount of time while being pushed out of there ‘normal’ scrapping.

And just a cute photo of Isaac. Tobyn stuck this bow to Isaacs head and Isaac left it there for ages!

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So here is the latest creation for the Scrapbookessentials ultimate scrapper comp. As I said earlier the challenge this week was to use NO photos, yep, none, nada, zilch! I really struggled with this one. It took me ages to come up with an idea and when it did I thought it was going to work. My original idea was inspired by a piece of fabric I saw, it was different shades of blue circles on a white background. So I thought, ooh, blue circles on white, big words in the middle, journalling around the edge, telling the boys my hopes and dreams for them. I told Steve my inspired idea and he said “I don’t generally like your layouts on white backgrounds, I know you do, but…” so I pulled out my layouts on white backgrounds and he liked 4 out of 6…go figure. Anyway I listened to him and decided to not use a white background and it didn’t work! I wish I had stayed with my idea. On Sunday I ended up with a very sore back and had to give up working on it. On Monday I could hardly move and I wasn’t going to be scrapping that day, especially as Steve had taken a few hours off to look after Isaac and get Tobyn to and from school and swimming. So I had to do the layout on Tuesday, and get it finished while it was still light so I could photograph it. I made a few balls ups e.g, the pale green rings are covering up some hideous yellow paint, which you can kind of see which now I think gives it a great grungy look. But I didn’t have time to start again. I think my biggest thing with it is that it is incredibly different to anything that I have ever done before. The ladies in the comp are so sweet, I have had nothing but positive comments about that and I thank you all, it sure does make a girl feel good!

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Today we went down to Paraparaumu and got to meet little Olivia. What a darling little girl. But poor Jane is tired. Olivia has got reflux and colic. Unfortunately I think all the cousins didn’t help the littlest cousin to be settled, of course she wanted to be a part if the ‘party’. I remember those 1st few weeks all to clearly! I remember coming home from the States when Isaac was 6 weeks old adjusted age. We had major issues with temporary accommodation. Isaac was not easy to breast feed and I had an unfortunate experience of the landlord walking in unannounced. I had a wonderful nurse who said don’t stress about b’feeding, he has got 4 months so if you want to go to the bottle do it. Jane is doing an awesome job, I only wish I could be of more help for her.

Tobyn was smitten with her but a little nervous to hold her. He doesn’t remember Isaac being that small and to think when he held Isaac for the 1st time he was only around 3lbs! Steve loved meeting his niece and I don’t think he wanted to hand her back when she was upset and her Mum wanted her! Must be something about the little girl snuggles?

OK onto some layouts. This 1st one is my entry into the http://scrapbookessentials.co.nz comp. I love this, it turned out just the way I wanted. I imagined it very feminine with lots of flowers, though I thought about putting some bling on it and maybe I still will.

This weeks challenge is to have no photos :0 I find this one very hard. One of the reasons I scrapbook is because I love taking photos. But I have come up with an idea that also means I get to leave a legacy for my boys which is another reason why I scrapbook.

This next layout is for the b&w + a colour photo monthly challenge at http://scrapbookoutletnz.co.nz again I am really happy with this layout! But I need to work on long titles, I just don’t seem to get it right. I see others do titles with lots of words and they look great, definitely something to work on.

Have a lovely rest of the weekend and ’til nest time ttfn.

Oh and to all my ‘anonymous’ visitors, thanks for visiting! I would love to know who you are and if you have a blog of your own. I am sure that I can’t have got over 1000 hits from my Mum and a couple 3 other regulars LOL!

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I bet my time

Its me Tobyn >>>>>>I bet my time on the elliptical trainer #:O)<<<<<<. I am so happy. It was hard but it was worth it. I am trying to beat dad. bye.

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Bubbly- Colbie Caillat

I have heard this song a few times but when I heard it this morning I knew I just loved it. It is so nice to have a song around that has NO bad words and it is totally positive. Gonna have to use this on a layout of Steve!

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Some fun stuff

How’s this for a fun thing to do. I wonder you can actually get one some where, ooh but I have an idea!

Rubik Cube Generator

We had a wonderful day on Saturday with Steve’s sister Clare and her family, Bryan, Hannah and Adam. We don’t get to see them as often as we should and they only live an hour away. Not enough days in the week. It wasn’t a particularly nice day weather wise so the day was spent playing with the cars, playing board games and sardines. Lots and lots of giggles playing sardines. For those that don’t know, sardines is a hide and seek game, one person hides and everyone else has to find them, when you find them you have to hide with them, last person there is in next. Our place has quite a few cupboards and spaces for hiding so it is becoming the thing to do in our place, fun, fun, fun!

This weeks layouts are up at http://scrapbookessentials.co.nz I am very happy with my layout this week. Even Steve loves it and he is VERY honest! My plan for the next 5 is to have the idea before Sunday and then spend Sunday afternoon working on it, this way I have a couple of days up my sleeve if it doesn’t go to plan. Fortunately Steve is in agreement with my plan, kind of revolves around him looking after the boys for a couple of hours. I’ll be back later to load my layout for you to see.

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