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More, More, More


Dad would like a hockey player! Isaac played until he was 9 then gave up. Still hope with Luca, Steve got a him a little stick earlier this year.


We got new carpet in 2014. This line up of the doors made me think of Monsters Inc!


Luca’s 1st swing.


A moody, long haired Tobyn.


Athletics day at school. Isaacs house colour is…you guessed it GREEN.


Luca and Isaac enjoying the fire.


Steve and a little Luca.


Steve and 2 of his boys. Of course isaac wanted in on the action.

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And more photos.

I want to try and blog again. Attempted a couple of times over the past 5 years. It is so good looking at old photos and reading the stories. Poor Luca has very little.

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Isaac loving a train.


Dom and Uncle Vaughan at Splash Planet.

The crazy people ready to go for a swim in the lake, brr!

The crazy people ready to go for a swim in the lake, brr!

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Isaac loved Wot Wots and lego

Do you like what I got you Tobyn?

Do you like what I got you Tobyn?


My gorgeous 2 older boys. Probably about 4 and 10 here. Isaac is so photogenic!

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I LOVE this photo. I should get it enlarged, still now I LOVE this photos almost 6 years later!!!

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A veggie creation by Tobyn at Aokautere School.


Isaac and his cousins Olivia and Erika.

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Luca in the bath at Grandad and Grandmas


Crazy cousins…Hannah, Isaac, Adam and Luca. Ages would be about 10, 8, 6 and 6months


Steve and I at Zumba ZIN day in Wellington 2012. we have both lost quite a lot of weight since then.


Luca ‘stole’ this pear when I wasn’t looking at the fruit and veg store. The lady at the counter was lovely and didn’t charge me for it. So that was when he was about 6 moths old, now at almost 4 the only fruit he eats are bananas!


Nana and a sleepy Luca. Beautiful photo!!!


Wow a very young looking Tobyn and Luca.


Isaac and Luca after we had dropped Nana at the airport in Wellington.


Isaac, not sure where, or how old, I just like this photo!

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