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Look what arrived in our backyard last week…


I love this photo of my darling with the lamb. He is so gentle and quiet and the lamb just came up to see him.


And how’s that for a Mamma image. There were 2 little lambs in the paddock, one black and one marbled, just gorgeous. The mamma was very protective of her offspring, understandable. The boys were very interested and really wanted to get close but they were just a bit boisterous. We noticed while down there that the other pregnant sheep looked like she was about to give birth and the next morning there was another little lamb.

These lambs are not ours. One of our neighbours grazes his sheep in our small paddock, but after seeing how the boys were with the lambs we think this is the year to have a lamb of our own. It is T’s last year at the country school so we think a fitting time to to the lamb thing. We don’t have any other pets at the moment and T would like to have something for pet and craft day this year. SO we have been asking around and letting people know that if they have orphan lambs we would be interested, so watch this space for updates on the lambs.

The holidays have been full so far. It is great I do love having the boys here and taking it easy and doing the things we want, BUT, I find the untidiness unbearable. The holidays do see the house get untidy and it really gets too me ARGH. We have had a big tidy tonight as we are heading North for a week and I HATE to come home to a messy house. We are really looking forward to seeing and holding new babies over the next week, staying with dear friends and relaxing.

BIG news for T, he is going to be published!!! He did a layout for the kids gallery in up2scrap and it has been accepted, along with my 13 year old friend Sophie. WOOHOO, so exciting. It was funny really because I sent their layouts plus one I did via e-mail last night. Within a couple of hours Steve came out with a cheeky grin on his face and said ” so how does it feel to have your son published over you?”  Well of course I was very excited for T and half expected a decline for this particular layout, but wait there’s more, it wasn’t a decline it was a ‘shortlist’ so I wait and see. I still don’t expect it to be accepted, it is a little different from my usual and a little different from what Steph usually publishes so we will see.

But on the publishing, have you seen the latest up2scrap? I have layout in there, “Peter Pan”, a layout of Tobyn when he was 3! And in the June issue of innovations on the back page there is a sneak of my layout that will be in issue 3, woohoo, so excited!

Right I have to go and finish washing and folding and packing. Back later, after our week or more…TTFN

I will leave you with this cute image of Isaac, just because i can and he is so adorable…he has been saying “why does my hair keep growing?” It was getting really bad and getting in his eyes…he has since had a haircut and now you really can see his beautiful big eyes!


And lastly something I has been enjoying doing recently… Darth Tator


Oh and lastly, for my records, T and I went for our yearly check up to day and we both have a clean bill of health. Me, well I have been on BP meds since being pg with Isaac and I am always worried about it, but it was perfect today, WHEW. So those headaches I have been getting must be tired headaches, thanks to Isaacs’s broken nights! And T’s chest sounded really good. The Dr did suggest flu jabs particularly because T is asthmatic, but he is contraindicated because of the ? over allergy to neomycin and guess what one of the bases is of the flu jab…yep neomycin. T was pretty happy he did NOT want that jab!!! Right I really am off now…






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T’s keyboard concert

I have been trying to get videos on here for a while. Well I have managed to figure out how, now I need to figure out how to edit before puting in you tube.

So anyway this is one of the songs T played for his keyboard concert just before the end of the term.

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